Wrap Introduction

Just some things to consider when deciding between a wrap and a paint job.

KASPA will always provide you with a honest assessment of what you want and what you can achieve. Keeping updated with the latest products in the industry to be able to offer you competitive rates and fantastic choice, whether you want a full color change or distinctive styling with a roof wrap, mirrors, spoilers, or de-chrome…..it’s possible to transform the look of your vehicle with the widest range of vinyl wraps available. At KASPA we believe in the products we sell and use only the most reputable vinyl wrap manufactures worldwide, all vinyl is warrantied to the highest industry quality standards. Our chosen supplier is Hexis.


A full vehicle wrap covers the complete surface of a vehicle. This prevents stone chip damage, general wear and tear, scratches and weathering unlike paint which chips away. For example if you live in an area with a lot of loose gravel on the roads, your paint will chip and scratch very easily. Having your car wrapped would help to prevent damage to the actual paintwork with cheap and easy to replace vinyl

Once a wrap is on it is fully and it can be removed later on. Therefore the value of the car isn’t lowered when you go to re-sell it, it may even increase or at least retain its value. Having a respray de-values the overall price of the car. It is also prohibitively expensive for a full respray. Having the perfect colour, pattern and finish for a fraction of the cost is one major benefit of wrapping.

 Our wrapping films come in various forms some being solid colour, glitters, leather and carbon fibre. With some of these you simply wouldn’t get the same standard with paint coatings. Also, because of its easy re-movability, should you change your mind about the colour or finish of your wrap, it can be changed quickly to something else further down the line. 

All of our vinyl’s are manufactured by our suppliers which means that we can match the colour of the car even if the vinyl has been on for 3 years. The vinyl does not fade in the sun unlike paint. This means if you damage a panel we can just replace that one panel rather than the cost of a full side if it was painted due to colour match reasons.

We have noticed that vinyl stays a lot cleaner due to the oils and waxing in the surface of the material making life easier to look good. You will find yourself washing less and admiring more!

For businesses, wrapping is a great way to advertise cheaply and extremely effectively. You will cover the areas of wherever you drive. Using a newspaper, for example, would cost around £300-450 for a colour ad. A full wrap for a car produced on high quality film could start from £900 and could last 3-5 years! It isn’t hard to realise the potential for great ad coverage at extremely affordable prices.