KASPA Interior Detail

We at KASPA believe the inside should be as good as the outside and vice versa. What’s the point of having a car that is gleaming and looking perfect on the outside and then when you look at the interior, it’s been neglected and it spoils the whole appreciation of the car.

This is why we would always recommend that as much time and attention is committed to the “cockpit” of your car as the exterior. This brings us onto the KASPA Interior Detail.

Dependant on type of interior upholstery your car has will depend on type of cleaning and treatment procedure utilised.   

The interior of the car is vacuumed, washed and cleaned. Seats are cleaned and treated. All trim is cleaned and treated. Windows are cleaned and rain repellent treatment applied to all exterior windows.  

KASPA can offer additional premium treatment and protection services to be applied, please discuss this at time of booking for further information and details.


Major Detail for Interior

  • Floor Mats Removed – Shampooed, Washed and Dried
  • Car Boot Vacuumed. If Shampoo, Washing and Drying required this needs to be agreed at time of booking
  • Carpets and other surfaces brushed to loosen any dirt and debris
  • Carpets, seats and surfaces Vacuumed, Shampooed, Dried and Treated
  • If under seats carpets require detailing we can remove front car seats prior to washing (needs to be agreed at time of booking)
  • For Upholstery seats and door cards: Wet Vacuum Shampooed and Dried
  • For Leather seats and door cards: Steamed, Cleaned, Conditioned and Protected
  • All hard to reach areas cleaned i.e. above foot wells (areas never seen)
  • Dash, vents and all trim Steam Cleaned and Treated
  • Interior is inspected using LEDs to check for defects and complete decontamination
  • Interior windows cleaned
  • Exterior windows cleaned and treated to KASPA rain repellent treatment


Minor Detail for Interior

  • Carpets and other surfaces brushed to loosen any dirt and debris
  • Carpets, seats and surfaces Vacuumed
  • Upholstery seats washed and treated
  • Leather seats, cleaned and conditioned
  • All door cards cleaned and treated
  • All hard to reach areas cleaned
  • Dash, vents and all trim cleaned and treated
  • Interior inspected to ensure complete decontamination
  • Final vacuum to pick up any extra debris and dirt
  • Interior windows cleaned